The story of Bachchan Pandey ki Toli revolves around a village named Dharam Pura gaon. The village was set up by Mr. R. K. Murti who was known for his honesty and hard work. He wanted his village people to also follow the same path as his. But unfortunately, his dream remained only a dream and Dharam Pura became famous for all kinds of crime. The village also had a police chouki, but nothing could stop the crime in the village. Then came Mr. Bachchan Pandey, a police commissioner to improve the conditions of the village. Inspired from the super hit Bollywood film 'Sholay', he thought of fighting the crime with crime! He appointed five criminals to work with him so that he can fight the crime that was happening in the village. All these lead to many comic situations that became the central plot of Bachchan Pandey ki Toli.