Can deeds done be undone? And destiny once decided be changed? This is the premise that Karam is based on. Manasi – the Zaveri's darling daughter is bethroed to Jai, the dashing son of the Rai's. Courteous, respectful and with strong family values, he is everything a girl could dream of. The Rai's are equally happy to have Manasi as a daughter-in-law. For the pooja organized to bless the newly bethroed couple. Manasi files down to Mumbai, but when she returns to Baroda, she is a changed woman. The exuberant girl is replaced by a quiet, withdrawn woman who without explanations is adamant that she will not marry Jai. The truth exposes itself when Manasi finds herself pregnant after being raped by Jai. All hell brakes loose. And Manasi is caught in a dilemma… to either spend her life as the wife of the man who demeaned her very existence as a woman or face the harsh world outside. What should she do?