Madam ki Paathshaala is a humorous daily comedy show of villagers getting English and Etiquette lessons from a young, beautiful and attractive lady tutor. The lady tutor has the single objective of improving the communication and behavioural skills of these villagers to bring them at par with their city counterparts. Everyone who matters in the village is part of this class. Although there objective of joining the class differs from each other. The students include the Thakur & Chaudhary of the village, who are more interested in the lady then her classes. Both are the strongman of the village & bitter rivals of each other. Daroga has joined the class as he sees it as a big opportunity of coming closer to the lady Sarpanch of the village. And the Sarpanch is coming to the class as she's coaxed by her P.A. at the behest of the Daroga. Lady tutor has brought an assistant with her, who's main job is to inculcate discipline among the students. The humour is created by the situations created by the villager's hidden objective of being part of the class & also because of the interpersonal relationship among the various characters of the show. Whether the tutor will be able to educate them in improving their communication and behavioural skills or she will go back to her city defeated in her objective? Whether the villagers will be an improved lot? Watch "Madam Ki Paathshaala" to get answers to these questions.